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Travel insurance is a must have for any trip. Even if you’re just travelling domestically, the right travel insurance will cover things like lost baggage, cancelled flights and accommodation due to illness, and even rental car excess!

Normally I love using comparison websites, but for travel insurance there are just too many different levels of cover so it’s hard to know which one to choose and what you’ll be covered for. After some research before an overseas trip I discovered 1Cover. 1Cover’s travel insurance covers you for just about everything. If you choose their option for “Comprehensive” cover, it will not only cover things like your camera and laptop, it even covers rental vehicle excess charges. Some car rental companies charge up to $50/day just for this!

Baggage Claim (44) by Doug Waldron, on Flickr

Coverage for important items is one thing, but that’s no good if you have to run around making phone calls and faxing documents to make a claim. Some insurance companies make you bend over backwards before they will pay out a claim. I’m pleased to say that 1Cover isn’t like that! A close relative of mine recently used 1Cover on a trip to the USA and had to make a claim for a lost mobile phone. He called up 1Cover and everything was sorted out in the one call in just a few minutes, with a cheque received in the mail a few days later! Unfortunately I can’t say that my experience with some other insurance companies has been as good.

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*This information was current at the time of writing, but as always, please check 1Cover’s PDS before deciding to take out cover. Or just give them a call for more explanation!