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Once upon a time, air travel was out of reach for many; while it broadened people’s horizons and made the world a much smaller place, it was also very expensive. If you’ve flown for many years you probably remember a time when air travel was exciting and people got dressed up for the occasion. With improvements in technology and increased competition, the price of air travel has fallen dramatically since its early days. This has taken some of the excitement and spectacle away (air travel is no longer the “event” it used to be) but the upside is that affordable flights are available to everyone!

cheap southwest flightsImage credit: Joseph De Palma, on Flickr

While some people still like to spring the extra cash for a premium or business class “experience”, the majority of air travelers would rather spend less on the travel expenses and leave more money to spend on their actual holiday.

So how can you ensure you get the cheapest flights possible?

I’ve combined my own experience with plenty of research and come up with the best advice below to help you spend less on your flights and more on your holiday! If you’ve got a favourite tip for finding cheap flights, please share it below in the comments for everyone to benefit!

So there you have it! 13 top tips to help you save money on flights (and have more to spend on your holiday). If you’ve got another tip, please share it below in the comments!


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