70 Awesome Travel Hacks You Absolutely Need in Your Life (Part 1)

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Surf travel

Going on holidays? Want to fit more in your suitcase? What about protecting some of those fragile or valuable items? In this post, the team at BookSurfCamps.com will share with you a comprehensive list of 70 easy and practical travel hacks. It’s divided into six sections. We will start with the first section. More will come soon. So get ready and let’s make your travels much more efficient and enjoyable!

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Packing Hacks

1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes keep all your things in order. If you like to be organised when you travel, then packing cubes are a must. A lot of companies make them, from Ikea to fancier ones, like those from Tortuga and Shacke Pak.

2. Rolling instead of Folding

Folding your clothes will not only take up more space, but it also wrinkles your clothes. Rolling is the new trend that will make your clothes look much better and fit perfectly in your luggage.

3. Fold Socks, don’t Bunch Them Up

Aside from the fact that bunching socks up will take up more space than folding them, bunching them up in a bundle also wears down the elastic to one of the socks. You’ll end up with uneven socks, and that sucks!

4. Use an Old Sunglasses Case to Store Cables

This way, you won’t have them all tangled up and ready to annoy you to death. Also, this works better than a simple bag does, because it’s smaller and they have less room to wiggle into those perfect knots.

5. Inflatable Neck Pillow

Some surfers can’t travel without their neck pillows, but they take so much space! Why not get an inflatable neck pillow?!

6. Necklaces in Straws

Make sure your necklaces don’t become tangled, by putting them through straws.

7. Hide Money in Skincare Containers

Be it chap stick containers or old sunscreen bottles, it’s nice to have some money put aside in case of emergency.

8. Store Your Digital Camera in a Soap Case

It’s not just for protection, but in case of theft, nobody will think of stealing your soap bar!

9. Curling Iron in Oven Mitt

Curling irons fit perfectly in an oven mitt and this way, the heat won’t ruin your clothes if you don’t have time to let it cool down.

10. Create a Soap Pouch

If you’re the water-and-soap type of person, then you should try and make yourself a travel soap pouch. Go here and learn how to do it.

11. Garbage Bags






If travel cubes are just too much for you, then you can use garbage bags to store your clothes inside your luggage and also make everything waterproof.

12. Shower Caps for Shoes

Use shower caps to cover the soles of your shoes when packing them.

13. … or Better Yet, Get Shoe Bags

If shower caps are too mundane for you, then you can go and get yourself some shoe bags. They’re meant to protect and store shoes and some looks very fancy!

14. Stuff Your Shoes

Now that your suitcase is protected from your shoes, it’s time you used the insides of your shoes as storage. Store socks, chargers, or whatever fits!

15. Scan Your Papers

In case you lose them, you’ll have a backup, even though you’ll need to get new ones, once you arrive home.

16. Paper Napkins to Fold Delicates







You have a silk blouse you want to pack? Cover it with paper napkins and then fold it. The amount of wrinkles will vastly diminish.

17. Mark Your Baggage as Fragile

… even if it’s not! This way you’ll make sure they handle it with care and nothing gets broken.

18. Essential Oils on Napkins

To keep all your clothes smelling nice inside your bag, put a few drops of essential oils on a cloth napkin and store it in between your clothes.

19. Look Up Capsule Wardrobe

You’ll be amazed at how capsule wardrobe can change the way you pack your clothes for traveling to your next surfing destination.

20. Wear Your Heavy Clothes on the Plane

Big Red Jacket









This way your hand baggage is kept lighter. Besides, planes tend to get quite cold.

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