Rise in cost of economy airfares, cheaper business class fares

by | 1 Feb | News | 0 comments

The latest figures from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Economics show that domestic business class fares continue to fall in price, while economy fares have stabilised after increasing from July 2011 to April 2012.

The drop in the business class fare index is due in part to Qantas reducing their fare prices, as well as Virgin introducing business class across more routes. Virgin also removed their “Premium Economy” fares completely, and business class fares continue to fall.

Virgin Australia

News.com.au also revealed the cheapest and most expensive air routes in Australia, with customers travelling from Brisbane to Bundaberg paying $1.81 per kilometre, compared with 13c per kilometre for Darwin to Melbourne airfares. Routes where Qantas was the only airline were by far the most expensive.