Brisbane an ugly city according to Alain de Bottonr

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Is Brisbane Really So Ugly?

Author and philosopher, Alain de Botton, has used Brisbane as an example of one of the ugly cities of the world. He cites it as the result of poor planning restrictions (or a lack of planning) and says “everyone thinks Brisbane is a bit of a mess”.

Kurilpa Bridge Brisbane

As someone who’s lived in Brisbane for a few decades, it got me thinking. Certainly we have our fair share of boring 70s concrete government buildings scattered throughout the CBD, and planning is not something our government excels at, but if you look at the city as a whole picture I really don’t think it’s as horrible as he makes out. Sure, being a relatively young city (on a world scale) we don’t have the classic architecture you might find in the romantic European cities of old, but there is a certain beauty to be found. This is especially true once the sun sets, and the city takes on a very different look.

Below are photos that I have taken over the past few years in Brisbane. Beauty is always subjective, but I’d urge you to look at all the photos below and tell me that Brisbane really is so ugly. (Click the thumbnails to view larger)

What do you think? Leave a comment below with your view.

Brisbane Rocks River City

Brisbane Riverlife

Brisbane River Ferry

Brisbane Framed Portrait