Things to do while visiting the Gold Coast on a budget

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The Gold Coast is an amazing place to visit, whether you live in Australia or on a tour. The place is buzzing with life and is a heaven for tourists. However, it is known to be expensive, which deters many tourists who want to explore but are on a budget. Being such a person myself, I can convince you that you can actually enjoy a Gold coast holiday, without running out of money.

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Image Credit: Luke Chapman

There are eight things to do when visiting Gold Coast on a Budget.

1. Plan out in advance

This is a crucial aspect if you are on a budget. Your time and duration of visit and the places you would be visiting should be planned beforehand. If booked in advance, you can get big discounts on your flight tickets, as I got.

2. Don’t fall for big hotels or travel packages

Gold Coast is full of big budget hotels and cottages offering expensive accommodation. Even their discounted rates are higher than usual hostel and small budget accommodation providers. To get the best deal, you should look up online accommodation comparison sites like (and be sure to check out our accommodation guide).

3. Use bikes to travel

There are various transportation alternatives available if you want to travel in the city including buses, taxis or you can simply rent a car. However, you can also get bikes and that would not only be the cheapest but also the best. You can explore and enjoy the place like never before.

4. Explore the place yourself

Rather than relying on guides and tourism packages, it is better to explore the place yourself. Not only would you be able to make the most of your holidays, but also find great deals. It is a great idea, especially for those visiting Gold Coast on a budget.

5. Check out vendors offering free theme park tickets

While in Surfers Paradise, we were approached by vendors giving free theme park tickets near the Cavill Mall. We denied that time, but later on came to discover that those vendors try to show you a time-share presentation after which they make a strong pitch to sign up. If you ever come across such vendors, be wary and save your precious time.

6. Look for discounted tickets on theme parks

Theme parks can be costly, so it would be better if you do a little research before going. You can reach early at the theme parks and get early bird discounts or you can get multi-day and multi-park passes. You can also look for discounts online, which is precisely what we did and got great deal.

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Image Credit: Luke Chapman

7. Visit the Gold Coast hinterland

The Gold Coast hinterland is an amazing place consisting of three national parks, waterfalls, creeks, valleys and mountains. It also contains some wineries and if you are lucky enough, you will get to taste some ultimate wine, all for free.

8. Look for quality restaurants with economical food

On the Gold Coast there is no dearth of cafes and restaurants offering quality food at affordable prices. At Surfers Paradise, you can get food in lunch box style for less than $15, while it would anywhere between $20 to $50 in Broadbeach area and Tedder Avenue in Main Beach.

Gold Coast has more than 30 beaches in total that are patrolled regularly by lifesavers. It is important for you to swim between the flags that demarcate the area surveyed by these professionals and volunteers. Also, since swimming does not cost you anything, it is the best way to enjoy a budget holiday on the Gold Coast. Follow these tips, as I did and enjoy a great destination without financial worries.