Things to do in North Queensland

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North Queensland is a colossal portion of northern Australia that’s off the beaten track. Uninfluenced by modern history, untouched by the fast pace of urban life, and undeveloped, North Queensland is a haven for tourists and busy professionals alike, who long to unwind. This is the place to put your feet up and let your hair down!

A single visit to North Queensland is sure to leave you so spellbound, that you’ll want to return to this retreat again and again. North Queensland is a treasure trove of all things natural. From the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef to rainforests and pristine beaches, North Queensland has a plethora of things to offer tourists.

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Image Credit: Tourism Queensland

Whether it’s to bask in the warmth of the sun or to go white-water rafting or amble along nature trails in rainforests or to head for a treat in its spas, or better still visit art galleries, you have several options to choose from. North Queensland welcomes the intrepid traveler, the art lover as well as the luxury-lover all alike.

North Queensland for the Adventurous Traveler

Take your pick from the several beaches. You can dive and snorkel to your heart’s content. Sunbathing is also a favorite activity here!

The most sought after adventure at the Great Barrier Reef is ‘Live Shark Feeding’. You can cruise along or take a 45 minute catamaran ride to one of the many Whitsunday islands to discover priceless treasures of your trip! There are also day cruises to the outer reef. Select from an array of water-sports adventures like scuba diving and snorkel tours at the reef, or try all that’s offered closer to shore like jetskiing and kayaking. There are diving lessons for the inexperienced and guided snorkel tours. You’ve even got the option to explore the Great Barrier Reef area in an underwater scooter! Spot whales, manta rays and sea-turtles – this is paradise for marine lovers.

If you love the open skies but not the waters, there are also helicopter and sea plane flights that offer incredible views from up above.

A Laidback Holiday

If you prefer a laid-back holiday, the coastline at the Great Barrier Reef and other beach areas are the places to recline under a sun deck and enjoy a scrumptious lunch! Four Mile Beach, Airlie Beach and countless other beaches offer the luxury of cocooning yourself into a hammock. Sling into one, with your back cradled comfortably, reading the books you’ve left unread under the shady foliage of palm trees. This is sheer luxury, as you slip into tranquil slumber with the scent of sea and sand for company!

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Image Credit: Tourism Queensland

Find your Sanctuary

Retreat into nature. The Daintree Rainforest that’s inhabited by 3,000 mammals is rich in flora and fauna. Exploring the greenness of rainforests is truly enriching and relaxing. Camping by a waterfall is a refreshing experience. Kayaking in Cape Tribulation during sunrise or sunset in turtle-filled ponds is a sport that’s truly invigorating!

A Dose of Heritage

A visit to the Australian Workers Heritage Centre in Barcaldine is a humbling experience. The place pays homage to the people who’ve helped build the nation by showcasing photographs, videos and other memorabilia of men and women who’ve made it happen.

The Spa Experience

Palm Cove is for the indulgent. Tropical spas here have a display of wellness treatments like hot-stone therapy and mud therapy for the wearied traveler. It’s a gourmand’s delight too for the delectable seafood the place offers.

Community Night Markets

The King Reef Resort Community Night Markets are organized at Kurrimine Beach. This is a gourmand’s treat and a shopaholic’s obsession.

Golden Gumboot Festival

This is celebrated at Tully on the Cassowary Coast and is fun for all the family. There are float parades, children’s activities and food stalls.

Mountain Biking

Hop onto a bike and ride along winery trails, plantations of tea and coffee, dairy farms, aquaculture farms, chocolate manufacturing outlets and ice-cream parlours.

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Image Credit: Tourism Queensland

North Queensland is a pleasure hangout for all your senses. On the one hand it tantalises your senses with its delightful bounties and on the other lulls you into the ‘Land of Nod’!

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