Sandy Cape

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“There’s almost half Australia over there in W.A.,’ John Williamson croons from the radio. We’re on the road again and heading to a picture perfect little spot just north of Jurien Bay, Sandy Cape. We stumbled across this little gem on a weekend wander to Cervantes, but more on that another time.

Sandy Cape

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Sandy Cape is postcard material from the sparkling turquoise bay, to the rolling sand dunes, to the breathtaking lookout walk. If you’re lucky and can snag a good campsite (we recommend NOT attempting this during the Grey Nomad season) there are some pretty sites with trees with bountiful boughs providing both shade and excellent climbing opps for the Half Pints.

We arrive at Sandy Cape and score a shady little spot encircled by some climb worthy trees. Above the campsite on the ridge down to the bay the Half Pints have located a ‘cubby’ with the best views in the house. This is where they’ll set up their picnic table and draw and read and play for hours.

We’ve set up so we grab the husband-constructed sand board and hit the dunes. After scaling the dunes Half Pint #2 jumps on and screams down to the bottom. She pulls up fast; we’ve picked a dune for speed but didn’t take into account the lack of graduated descent. She’s torn a chunk out of her thigh from an exposed nut in our homemade jobby (back to the drawing board for some modifications), but she bolts back to the top ready to go again. She’s a special kind of crazy!

Sandy Cape

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

After lunch we head to the bay for a paddle and a fish. While the kids and I frolic in the water the dog paces up and down the beach, too nervous to get in but anxious at not being able to round us up. The Father-figure fishes, but to no avail. This means nothing about the marine life, especially when you take into account that in seven years all we’ve caught anywhere is an eel.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to Sandy Cape but great to have a shower at the other end! This campground has toilets but no other Mod Cons. Well worth a look for those that love an adventure!

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