My Road Trip: A Time to Unwind

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So far, exploring sights of Australia has been fascinating for me. I’ve experienced different lifestyles most people wouldn’t take time to enjoy. I just had to dive right in the small adventure. I remember a busy middle of the week, and realised I needed to de-stress.

I simply had to get out of myself and see more interesting sights. I hurriedly planned my itinerary, gassed up my car and took the nearest highway exit. I found quick trips are relaxing, exciting, and the best part is, I could simply go back to the comforts of my house afterwards.

Going On a Road Trip

I discovered various passions and interests for every area. They were certainly good subjects for my photos. As a sales executive on a constant race for quotas, I rarely pick up my SLR. I’ve never set up the stage on capturing creative images. Four spots immediately grabbed my attention. They’re somewhere along the lines of nature trails, relaxing greeneries and utterly sumptuous wine.

I’ve gotten a chance to immerse myself in different hobbies. Travelling at interesting spots gave me a chance to feel refreshed and revitalised. The ultimate plus point? I got to share interesting topics and conversation pieces to share with my clients, friends and loved ones.

All I needed were some few parcels of clothing, and a sturdy truck. I surely went the distance at this ultimate road trip.

Here are a few interesting sites for you to check out:

redlands indigiscapes brisbane

Nature Trails at Redlands IndigiScapes

Looking back from the mini-expedition I took, I can say I’ve not taken an organised route to check out some sites. This added more excitement to journey.

I tend to be a random explorer, so I took a hold of my mobile navigational map and headed to what I call as the south eastern hinterlands, better known as Capalaba.

I left the heart of Brisbane CBD and arrived at the lush greeneries after a short while. I breathed in the freshest air among parks and gardens. I’ve always had a strange fascination of greeneries.

I remember my Gram planting different species of ferns, tallowwoods and wildflowers. There’s just something about greeneries which makes us feel more grounded. It’s interesting to see different landscape patterns and designs. I personally prefer rough-looking soils. Certainly, IndigisScape trails were just the perfect spot.

I snapped away after drinking my cup of tea. The natural caffeine rush, combined with my creative juices just amped up more enthusiasm to take as much unique entries as I could. I even saw an ongoing forest-and-garden wedding, but I thought it would be too intrusive to snap some shots of a couple’s momentous celebration.

So, I stuck with the subjects I found mostly interesting: overlooking hinterlands and details of plant species: the Peanut Tree seemed to have a floral out lay of petals, as the fruits would interestingly spread out to four different directions.

I’ve been told the seeds taste like nuts, but visitors weren’t allowed to pick up the produce along the trails. Either way, this site was a major chance for me to detoxify my mind and do some deep thinking. Lifelong priorities had to be in check every once in a while, and this was the moment to revisit a goal.


Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Sharing a Glass of Wine at Ironbark Ridge Vineyard

To balance out the fresh breeze at the hinterlands, I took the chance to check out some refined wine selections at the Ipswich area. It took me less than an hour to reach Ironbark and before I knew it, I could almost savour wine sips and the mountain views

I called in my good friend for us to have a refined catch up session, as she lived a few minutes away from the wine cellars. As soon as she arrived, we chose a table near the plantations. I was excited to show her the shots I took earlier at Redlands.

My friend got surprised of my idea to take a road trip on the spur of the moment. She said it was out of my character to take an unplanned ride. Either way, she appreciated my call and got even more excited for us to order French wine.

We overlooked six acres of plantations. We were told the vines were categorised into Chardonnay, Grenache and Shiraz. The connoisseur was gracious enough to talk about the wine selections’ characteristics and differences in colour, smell, and taste.

After the interesting wine pointers shared, my friend and I got to talking about how things are in our lives. We even recalled about our other friends whom we still meet up from time to time. It seemed days wouldn’t be enough for us to enjoy each other’s company.

Blasts from the past, current undertakings and future plans were also talked about. We sipped some more wine selections and before we knew it, it had to end. It was truly pleasant to see my friend again after several months. She said our next meet-up shouldn’t take another several months or a last minute invitation.

I would’ve taken at greater lengths to explore the Pacific’s coastal sceneries and enjoy freshly-cooked seafood. That was until I realised I still had a couple of house errands to get back to. I needed to sort out my home items for a whole day, in preparation for the next work week.

Although the road trip had to be cut short, I found it highly refreshing and rejuvenating. I was once again ready to conquer quotas and prospective client appointments. I can’t wait ‘till I take my next road adventure.