Fraser Island is located in Queensland, Australia approximately 190 miles north of Brisbane. It is the largest sand island in the world. This island is extremely beautiful with its long uninterrupted white beaches and its coloured sand cliffs add beauty to the island. There are over 100 tranquil lakes, all having white sandy beaches. It is a very popular destination for backpackers as well as the locals for multi-day camping activities and 4×4 drives. Now, you might be wondering what would be the cost of the stay if you are visiting this island. Costs are the biggest concern especially when you are on a tour.

Fraser Island aerial

Image Credit: Tourism Queensland

Resort prices: There are only resorts and no hostels on this island. However, they are unnecessarily overpriced. Lots of people visit the island and most of them visit here to camp and this can be done all over the island. However, you will have to take the permission for camping here. It’s $5 USD per night.

Budget resort prices: If you want to take a room at the resort then you have to pay around $60 USD per night.

Average cost of food: You bring your own food unless you are staying at the resorts as they provide you the food. In Australia, the groceries would cost about $50 USD per week. You have to bring the bottles of water from your home.

Transportation costs: You can only travel around is on a self-drive 4WD or with a guided tour. The transportation cost is cheap here. So, you don’t have to worry for that.

Fraser Island tours

Image Credit: Tourism Queensland

After getting a sneak peak on the costs, let’s take a look at all the things to do here:

Lake MacKenzie: Lake MacKenzie is the largest lake with tranquil water and beautiful white sand. This lake is considered to be jewel of the island. This is the most popular lake on the island. However, the visitors who do not like crowded place when on tour then I should tell you that it gets crowded hugely during the peak season.

Lake Wabby: This is a green colored lake which is some 20 minutes walk from the beach. You will find turtles and fish in the lake.

Indian Head: At the northern end of the main beach, there is this rocky outcrop. Climb to the top and look down to find rays, turtles and sharks in the ocean.

Champagne Pools:  Situated in the North of Indian Heads, these rock pools are a safe place to take a bath in the Ocean. This is name is derived from the froth created when waves break over the edge and into the pools.

Eli Creek: This creek lies along the main beach where you can float down with the current. You can take a boardwalk to get the access to the top of the creek.