Accommodation in Melbourne to fit any budget

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Melbourne Australia, with its cafe culture, quirky artiness, theatre & shopping options is an incredible city and one not to be missed when exploring the land down under.  A city with such a wide variety of shopping and entertainment, antique and vintage mixed with modern and unusual, will naturally have an equal variety of accommodations to fit any budget.  Whether your wallet is thin or overstuffed, we have a few places worth checking out for your stay in Melbourne.

melbourne light painting

Melbourne Light Painting by Lady Fran W


For anyone on a tight budget, the standard hostel option or more affectionately known as a backpackers is ideal.  Hostels are generally small, sparse and reminiscent of crowded dorm rooms with barely enough space for your backpack and a lot of waiting time for the bathroom.  On the plus side, hostels are cheap, plus you have the added bonus of meeting other people and possibly gaining travel companions.  Some hostels, such as United Backpackers of Melbourne, are bigger and brighter in design than average, while costing about the same.  With a colourful lobby, central location, larger rooms and more bathrooms, United Backpackers makes a strong case that hostels don’t have to be dull and cramped.  You can still have fun on a very tight budget!


Going upward on the budget scale is a motel.  Not much more expensive than a hostel, a simple yet quiet and clean room such as those offered at AAA rated City East Motel.  You get the privacy desired plus the amenities of an excellent central location, a microwave, toaster, coffee/tea maker and your own bathroom.  You can still be considered adventurous without having to wait in a queue to shower and shave. 


Climbing higher on the budget ladder brings us to the hotel.  Hotels offer as much variety as Melbourne has coffee shops.  From refurbished historic boutique styles to brand new buildings, hotels add excitement to your stay by offering variety and high end amenities.  Hotel Lindrum, for example, is a lovely 4.5 star accommodation with upscale beds, bedding and more in a beautiful brick building steps away from Treasury Gardens.  Hotels such as this have dining options on premises and in room, 24 hour check-in, high speed wi-fi and numerous other extras that add luxury to your stay.

melbourne skyline

Image Credit: Tourism Victoria


You might think serviced apartments would be extremely expensive, in fact some are about the same or less expensive than hotel rooms, depending on location and amenity.  Serviced apartments operate like a hotel with check-in and cleaning staff but feels like home.  Amity Apartments South Yarra is one such place and is perfect for people who want to spread out and feel at home away from home.  For a family or group traveling together, the ability to come and go while maintaining privacy, prepare meals and wash clothing, makes serviced apartments a perfect option.


Other than a grand estate or possibly a yacht, a piece of real estate known as a penthouse rests at the top of the budget ladder.  The Penthouse Suites in Art Series Hotels are even more spectacular because they feature, besides every expected amenity, original art by John Olsen.  What could be more fun than viewing Melbourne from the penthouse or more sophisticated than a suite with art pieces for your eyes only?

With the city of Melbourne being so diverse and eclectic, it’s no surprise accommodations are as well.  It’s all part of the fun and adventure.  Enjoy your stay!