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Although we speak English in Australia, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we speak something completely foreign; i.e. Aussie Slang. Aussies love to shorten words; I like to think it’s because we’re efficient (not because we’re lazy). Anything and everything can be shortened, and often an “o” is put on the end. Take names, for example. David becomes “Davo”, Robert becomes “Robbo”, Michael becomes “Mick” and even brand names are shortened. McDonald’s is “Maccas”, Woolworths is “Woolies” and in the case of beer, we don’t even bother spelling it (see XXXX a.k.a. “fourex”).

maccas sign

If I told you I was going to throw some snags on the barbie with Richo and Macca on Sunday arvo, what I’d really be saying is “I’m going to put some sausages on the barbecue with Richard and (someone) McDonald on Sunday afternoon.”

No wonder visitors get confused! To save you some confusion when you visit Australia, here is a list of common Aussie slang words you may come across.



What’s your favourite Aussie word? Is there one that you haven’t quite grasped yet? Leave it in the comments below!